Honest Answers

Carly Hughes

February 15, 2022 Terron Brooks Season 1 Episode 14
Honest Answers
Carly Hughes
Show Notes

Terron Brooks is joined by multi hyphenate Broadway and TV star, Carly Hughes, for a special bonus conversation about self care, the courage to say no, and how nothing really surprises her.  Carly candidly discusses how she leads with character and not ego and how she avoids living the filtered life. With wit and grace, you’ll hear the heart of an artist who puts herself first and understands the power of trusting herself.  Get ready to be charmed off your feet with Honest Answers from the luminous Carly Hughes.

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Produced by Terron Brooks, Brian Purcell

Artwork by Brian Purcell

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Original music by Terron Brooks, Sylvia MacCalla