Honest Answers

Sheila E.

July 27, 2021 Season 1 Episode 11
Honest Answers
Sheila E.
Show Notes

Terron Brooks is joined by world renown percussionist, producer, author, activist, Grammy, Emmy, American Music Award nominated, Sheila E., for the final illuminating conversation of Season 1. With great candor and humility, Sheila reveals her inspirations, her lessons learned, love for her family, how she continues to move forward with a heart for the people she aims to connect with. How does this phenomenal musical wonder successfully keep striving for better? Make some time to find out this ICON’S honest answers. 

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Produced by Terron Brooks, Brian Purcell

Artwork by Brian Purcell

Engineered & edited by Ethan Carlson

Original music by Terron Brooks, Sylvia MacCalla